Digital Development

content websites

  • Professional advice in choosing the right domain name for your company
  • Hosting
  • Website structure
  • Logo Design
  • Homepage Design
  • Content page Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Latest and up to speed programming languages
  • Content implementation (text RO/EN, images)
  • Admin panel creation
  • Social Media implementation (FB, G+, t, in)
  • Google Analytics implementation (traffic monitoring)
  • On page SEO optimization
  • Testing, assurance, and support
  • Launching
  • Promotion

e-commerce websites

  • Aid in finding the ideal domain name for your website
  • Hosting
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Design
  • E-mail Design (order confirmation, billing)
  • Online shop platform implementation and configuration
  • Determining the website structure (submenu pages, products)
  • Content creation (text RO/EN, images)
  • Adding new content
  • Multiple payment options (credit card, paypal, cash on delivery)
  • Billing, order status, vouchers, available stock features
  • Multiple currencies (RON, USD, EUR GBP)
  • Admin panel
  • Social Media creation/integration (FB, G+, t, in)
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • On page SEO optimization
  • Testing, assurance, and support
  • Launching and promotion

How we work

We believe keeping up with all the novelties of the online world is as important as experience itself, especially in an ever changing world.
The first step in every one of our collaboration is to be up to speed with the market changes at any time. We are reliable with deadlines and we like to find the best solution for both parties.
Ask for an offer today and see for yourself!

1Domain and hosting

Choosing the right domain is crucial for building a brand name. We spend time considering representative, accessible, appealing names for your domain, in accordance to the content we develop.

On request we offer hosting solutions for our clients and debrief them on optimal settings for their projects.

2Website Design

We approach every website design with a modern, fresh, out of the box, and exclusive view. The design is established consulting our client every step of the way until we agree upon the optimal result. The final solution aims to offer a trustworthy website, promoting our clients’ products and services in an engaging manner.
We aim to create proper mobile optimized and responsive websites and offer our clients the best reach they can get.


The website’s structure has to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We make sure these steps facilitate the user’s access to the information they are searching in order to contact you.

The development is made using the latest technologies and programming languages, thus offering stability, data security, lowest loading page timers, as well as proper visualization on every device, be it a mobile or desktop.

4Content Creation

We implement the content provided by our clients at the earliest possible time. We can contribute with content writing or images upon request. Our sites offer an admin panel for real time editing. For an efficient social media promotion we can create personalized profiles to match the site’s design and our clients’ businesses.

5On page Optimization

Each and every one of the sites developed by our agency is optimized on page for search engines. This way we ensure they have the highest chance to be first in the organic search results for the keywords related to their business. Google Analytics is installed on every page to allow our clients to monitor the site traffic, the visits’ hours, their number, and the devices used for.


Pre-testing is crucial to every site launch, and ensures the users (and potential customers) have an error-free experience. The testing is done by our most exigent experts along our client’s area of expertise to deliver a perfectly functional web site from a technical and aesthetical point of view. For your assurance we offer a guaranteed and constant technical support.

Why us?

Because we are the most suitable for you.
Because we know that there isn’t a singular solution for all the sites. Because we adapt fast and respond quickly to various demands and preferences. Because we don’t give up until we find the best solution.
Because we have proven ourselves repeatedly. Because we represent the online.

Profesionalism Search Ads Professionalism

Our solutions are impeccable from a technical point of view.

Our designs align to the latest trends of web design.

Experienta Search Ads Experience

Over 100 developed sites have seen our signature.

They encompass a large spectrum of industries: from financial to fashion retail.

Eficienta Search Ads Efficiency

Respecting deadlines, offering quality at an advantageous cost is what we have in mind when starting new projects.

Flexibilitate Search Ads Flexibility

Our knowledge provides us with enough adaptability to respond promptly to our client desires. We adapt constantly and offer our clients the satisfaction of a well done work.

Recent Projects

Working on various projects encompassing heterogeneous fields helped consolidate our view on the market.
Fashion, Real Estate, IT products, Advertising, Business & Financial are some of the industries we have been seen excellent growth in.

Andrei Sarbu
CEO - Coldwell Banker Romania
SearchAds are our trusted partners for a large range of services – from web design, graphic design to AdWords and print materials. The websites and landing pages created by Searchads are a successful mix of quality graphics and functionality that translate into added value for our real estate compounds. Each and every idea is well measured before being put to the test, guaranteeing the optimal result. The constant optimizations brought in by the team assures us we are up to speed with the latest technologies and tendencies. Clienti Search Ads
Marina Chistruga
Marketing Manager - Geplast
Effectively, the ongoing collaboration has been a display of maximum professionalism from SearchAds. The promise of experience and knowledge, that prompted us to start the partnership, has been wholly fulfilled by the Google campaign results, web developing ideas, and the proposed graphic design for our Geplast projects. Having a partner that has set in mind the goal to find a solution for everything and materializes it efficiently reassures us of their trustworthiness. Clienti Search Ads
Ivan Patzaichin
Ivan Patzaichin’s Association Mila 23
We are genuinely content about our collaboration with the enthusiastic, young, and professional team that is SearchAds.

They helped us develop 3 websites with an innovative and friendly interface.

Last but not least we appreciated their reliability, deadline delivery, and brief execution.
Clienti Search Ads
Traian Stancu
Chief Operating Officer - Kiwi Finance
More than a year ago we received from Searchads an Adwords collaboration proposal. With some natural reticence to change the digital agency we worked with, we accepted the challenge and thus we opted to remake the company’s website. We are thrilled with the collaboration, their readiness to test new things, the results oriented mindset, and the fact that the promised standards have been delivered. Clienti Search Ads

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